6 SA Rappers You Will Not Believe Were Homeless

6 SA Rappers You Will Not Believe Were Homeless

6 SA Rappers You Will Not Believe Were Homeless! The SA Hip Hop industry has literally been some peoples Hail Mary in life.

“Hip Hop saved my life is such a cliche quote,” raps Dreamville’s Lute on Sleep Deprived which is a rather accurate description for some local rappers in the game right now. From sleeping on friends and relatives couches to living in massive mansions is the story of some local rappers.

A number of artists in the SA Hip Hop industry are rather open about the hard times they have faced while chasing their dreams. We have curated a list for you with six rappers in the game right now that you will not believe were once homeless. Check out the rappers below.

Yung Swiss
The Mayo collaborator once revealed that he was practically homeless before he made it in the rap industry. This was just after he left his Father’s house at the age of 17 and found himself homeless.

Cassper Nyovest
Despite his success in the music industry and in the business world, when Cassper first moved from his parents home to pursue his career, the rapper found himself homeless at a certain point in time. He was then taken in by one of his friends who he then lived with for a year.

Riky Rick
When things were not going so well for Riky Rick early in his career, the rapper used to squat at Da L.E.S’s house.

Yanga’s journey was a rather long and bumpy one after he moved from Queenstown to Johannesburg to become a rapper. In between jobs, the rapper often found himself homeless and moving from one friends couch to another which he has been rather open about in his most recent interviews.

Emtee revealed back in 2016 that he was homeless whilst chasing his dreams. His parents would beg him to go back home to live with them but he persevered because he felt that something was going to happen.

Khuli Chana
Khuli Chana has been in the game for over ten years now and is still a prominent figure in the rap game. The rapper once found himself in a rather dark place even going homeless and having to sleep at PH Raw X’s Studio.

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