Cassper’s Unbothered Clapback To A Troll Calling Him Miserable!

Cassper’s Unbothered Clapback To A Troll Calling Him Miserable! It is no secret that Cassper nyovest is one of the biggest hip hop artists from south Africa at the moment.

Becoming a super star also comes with its difficulties as you become a target for most trolls on the internet. Cassper recently shared his thoughts on aka’s comments on beef in the sa hip hop industry amongst females.

A fan saw the tweet and decided to troll the rapper calling him miserable for getting involved in the conversation. He advised cassper to coexist with aka without being bothered by him and cassper responded showing he wasn’t bothered by the comments at all.

“Yeah bro, I’m fucking miserable but i just wanna know something dor. Are you coming to #FillUpRoyalBafokeng on the 15th of December? Do you have a ticket or maybe you’re too busy identifying all the miserable people in the world and won’t be able to attend? I understand,” read casspers response to the trolls comments.

Aphelele Peyana

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