Cassper Nyovest & Tshego Ignite Beef Over Bonang’s Tweet

Cassper & Tshego Ignite Beef Over Bonang’s ‘Record Label’ Tweet! Bonang had tweeted earlier that she is looking into starting a record label in a tweet that read “I wanna start a record label! Lol! My girls think I’m mad.” to which Mufasa responded to by saying “You don’t want that stress. YOH!!! hehe. Di Artist!!! Yerrr” a comment that clearly didn’t seat well with Tshego.

Whilst we all thought the issue had passed, Bonang responded to Cassper’s tweet by asking “How many artists you got?” to which Cassper said “Had four, only got 1 now. Don’t think I’ll ever sign again. Artists are stress. If you can handle the stress doe, go for it!!!”

Tshego did not take this lying down and went on to tweet “Please don’t “sign artists” if you not ready. Let’s keep it real all the way through. The artist you sign just might have higher standards than the ones you set for yourself . Accountability, nighas. Artists are not dogs “Sit, stay, roll over while I go to work I’ll see you when I come back”. Lmao are you fucking crazy. This is business not a charity.

Cassper clearly saw this and tweeted “Lol… Im just gonna Mize. Getting me to argue with you is already a W for you and a big L for me. Aint doing. #2020Energy

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