Did Rowlene Just Respond To Gemini Major’s Heartfelt Message

Did Rowlene Just Respond To Gemini Major's Heartfelt Message

Did Rowlene Just Respond To Gemini Major’s Heartfelt Message? Gemini Major and Rowlene have had a rather intimate relationship for a while now which seems to be an on and off thing.

Last year we saw Rowlene drag Gemini Major revealing that she had been involved in an intimate relationship with Gemini. According to Rowlene, she broke up with the Ragga hit maker after she had found out that he had been cheating and had a child with another woman she did not know about.

It seems the two just might have gotten back together again. Last week we saw Gemini share a rather heartfelt message to an unnamed female asking “someone” to let her know how much she meant to him.

Reason who is a rather close friend of Gemini’s then went on to reveal that he was actually talking about Rowlene. The rapper tweeted tagging Rowlene and passing on Gemini Major’s rather vague message to her.

It seems Rowlene has now responded to Gemini’s message with a similar tweet but did not name drop anyone.” Someone please tell him how much he mean to a girl,” read Rowlene’s tweet.

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