“Don’t play game bro” – How Reason Confronted Rashid Kay’s Sentiments

“Don’t play game bro” – How Reason Confronted Rashid Kay’s Sentiments. As both opinionated artists who are never too shy to hold back their views, Reason and Rashid Kay had a bit of a Twitter debate.

On deleted tweets by Rashid Kay he expressed views concerning streams and sale of artists who win awards. Reason was more than prepared to throw in his 2 cents with a number of threads.

Rashid was questioning certain artists of how they accumulated the sales, streams and award they had, he was implying that they may have been a fraudulent act in how rich things are operated.

“What exactly are you asking them to clarify here that couldn’t be emailed Rashid? Whether these guys sold these number? Or if they are the best selling? Like… whats your issue?” asked Reason.

Unfortunately Rashid erased his comments after Reason gave him a piece of his mind. In addition the Cashless Society star, explained why he decided to confront him on Twitter and no where else.

“Don’t play game bro. You publicly pulled up on Capasso and I’m publicly pulling up on YOU! Show us the SAHHAs Top 10 you speak of so we can see what you are question. You could have sent an email. You chose twitter. So I’m joining you! Show us YOUR receipts!!!” He added.

In conclusion he stated bodly that Rashid should’ve emailed the artists, also gave a bit of an education on how sales and awards go.

“No one votes for best streams or sales. The song with the most streams has the most streams,” explained Reason. “Awards are based on a set of rules. They award people who get the best sales for a certain period of time. While people are celebrating singles that came out mid last year even.”

Rashid hasn’t commented further.

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