Nadia Nakai Shares Her Thoughts On Faith Nketsi’s EP

Nadia Nakai Shares Her Thoughts On Faith Nketsi’s EP which has been getting a lot of hate. The EP which was dropped two weeks ago has been a source of disses and jokes for black twitter for days.

DJ Maphorisa who happens to be her record label boss has not been immune to this hate. The super producer was also roasted over this project which was poorly received.

Nadia Nakai is one of the few SA rappers who have given this album any two cents. Many rappers chose to ignore or not say anything at all about the project.

Here is what Nadia had to say “Y’all really need to stop this hate train on Faith, it’s her first project… allow her to grow dammit!!! She’s just starting… y’all can be so mean!!! Women are such an easy target for y’all on this app… sick of it. Stop.”

All I’m saying is women can be so quick to bring down other women… which really sucks… she’s trying something new, she will grow and get better… people need to relax…

Anyway I just don’t like seeing anyone getting dragged… not cool… this app can be so toxic sometimes…

Constructive Criticism is good, but that’s not what I was reading.. it was jokes for retweets… I don’t know Faith like that, but that shit can be demotivating, If she’s really bought it, I hope she sticks with it and works on it…”

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