“Rap is not a genre but a verb,” Sho Madjozi Educate Fans

“Rap is not a genre but a verb,” Sho Madjozi Educate Fans. Hip hop is one of the most predominant genres, as loved as it is – it is still confuses most people.

A number of fans of the genre possess one idea of what Hip Hop or Rap is hence the endless debates surrounding it. Sho Madjozi decided to give out a little bit of an education after her rapping abilities were questioned and criticized. In fact most people ruled out that Sho isn’t worthy to be refereed to as a rapper.

The award wining artist has been justifying to people that she is a rapper how they choose to view her is none of her concern. Being placed on number 2 in the 2019 list of Base Hottest MCs had people talking, and what she did was just let a little bit of knowledge out.

“Rap is not a genre. Rap is a verb and it can be done on any beat. Hip hop is a genre. But this is not the Hip Hop list,” she wrote.

As expected her statement brewed up debates:

Aphelele Peyana

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