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SA Hip Hop Mag Has Officially Joined the 1 Million Users Per Month Club!

SA Hip Hop Mag Has Joined the 1 Million Users Per Month Club!

SA Hip Hip Mag recently achieved a milestone of 1 055 401 active users and 3 million page views with over 2.3 million sessions for the month of November 2019! The platform widely known as the biggest SA Hip Hop news platform was launched in 2015 by Nine80 Digital Media which is a digital publishing company that has over the past 9 years focused entirely on building digital platforms targeting Africa’s youthful demographic.

Speaking on this exciting development, founder and MD of Nine80 Digital Media Bruce Dube said “I am very excited to see the strides Nine80 Digital is making in digital publishing. I really believe that in a space where audiences are dictating more and more the format of content they are consuming, this is a clear sign that Nine80 Digital has it’s finger on the pulse and that we are really in touch with our youthful audiences. We are working tirelessly to make sure that more of our titles hit the 1 million users per month in 2020.”

Nine80 Digital Media owns platforms such as Youth Village South Africa, OkMzansi, Kasi Lyrics, Wiki Mzansi, SA Music Mag, Diski365, Botswana Youth Magazine, Youth Village Kenya, Youth Village Zimbabwe and more! Collectively the business reaches over 5 millions monthly unique visitors on the continent.

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