Sho Madjozi Explains Why Some People Don’t Consider Her A Good Rapper

Hip Hop is a tough sport tied in a culture that comes with norms which sometimes need to be challenged and reinvented and Sho Madjozi is nothing like your typical rapper and that’s why she is Sho Madjozi, eccentric and bold. 

But as with anything different the rapper has her fair share of criticism. Whilst she is loved and respected by many there are some people who question her rap skills and a fan asked the rapper exactly that “Why don’t you guys think Sho Madjozi is a good rapper” to which she responded “Because I don’t say Yo before I rap” . As simplistic as this response is, it speaks deeply to hip hop norms , to challenging the status quo and paving your own path and the pressure that comes with standing out and being different. 

Sho Madjozi is not for fitting in and that’s why we noticed. When she said because she doesn’t say Yo when raps she basically was saying “I’m not your typical rapper” and that’s what  some may find hard to comprehend.

Do you think Sho Madjozi is a good rapper? Share your two cents !

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