Top 3 SA Hip Hop Beefs Of 2019

Top 3 SA Hip Hop Beefs Of 2019. What a year would it be without a little squabbling in SA hip hop. As we wrap up the year we take things a little back down memory lane of what unfolded.

Presented on the list are 3 of the biggest beefs SA Hip hop has had this year. Some of them escalated to a level that affected careers while others merely started and ended on Twitter. Beefing is usually something unplanned but when it happens one can’t help but wonder if there was always a suppressed tension.

Below is a list of the beefs we have had this year in SA Hip hop, old ones were ignited and new ones took place.

Cassper and Prince Kaybee

As unexpected as it was to have these two artists beef but it happened and got to a point where they sealed a deal to not work together ever. It all started on twitter with disses about body shapes and sizes. Cassper revealed on one of the latest interviews that Prince called in for a collaboration but he rejected him.

AKA and Burna Boy

Again, twitter had to be the place where rappers throw a few jabs at each other. AKA tweeted about how he is tired of losing to Nigeria, around the time his tweet became a big deal SA had xenophobic attacks taking place. Burna Boy expressed his rage towards SA and AKA, even promised to punch him when he sees him. They haven’t made peace even with Supa Mega’s attempts to do so.

Reason and Rashid Kay

It may not have been the beef that made headlines but it took place. Both artists are highly expressive of their views regarding most things hence reaching a point of some internet squabble.

Rashid was questioning certain artists of how they accumulated the sales, streams and award they had, he was implying that they may have been a fraudulent act in how rich things are operated.

“What exactly are you asking them to clarify here that couldn’t be emailed Rashid? Whether these guys sold these number? Or if they are the best selling? Like… whats your issue?” asked Reason.

Unfortunately Rashid erased his comments after Reason gave him a piece of his mind. In addition the Cashless Society star, explained why he decided to confront him on Twitter and no where else.

“Don’t play game bro. You publicly pulled up on Capasso and I’m publicly pulling up on YOU! Show us the SAHHAs Top 10 you speak of so we can see what you are question. You could have sent an email. You chose twitter. So I’m joining you! Show us YOUR receipts!!!” He added.

Aphelele Peyana

Aphelele Peyana is a seasoned journalist at SA Hip Hop Mag. You can contact her on sahiphopmag@nine80.com

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