Gigi Lamayne Confirms 2nd ‘Gigi Gang Show’ And Give Fans Freedom To Choose Performers

Gigi Lamayne Confirms 2nd ‘Gigi Gang Show’ And Give Fans Freedom To Choose Performers. As the new year begins Gigi prepares for Gigi Gang Show going on a second year.

Last year Gigi Lamayne became the first SA female rapper to pull on a one-woman concert. Naming it Gigi Gang Show, it is one of her 2019 greatest achievements in addition to a debut EP.

After departing from Ambitiouz Entertainment Gigi has been pushing her music from more than one aspect. The debut of the show was followed by various music videos, charity work, creating job opportunities and a number of dope collaborations. She was also nominated at the SA hip hop awards 2019 in the category of Best Female Rapper, that was proof of her growth and greatness.

To further develop and create a culture of her own in Hip hop she announced and confirmed that Gigi Gang Show will take place again this year. She hasn’t released much details except giving fans the freedom to choose artists they’d like to see perform.

“Gigi Gang Show is gonna be epic this year ! šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜­ Iā€™m even shook,” wrote Gigi evoking an even interest from fans.

Aphelele Peyana

Aphelele Peyana is a seasoned journalist at SA Hip Hop Mag. You can contact her on sahiphopmag@nine80.com

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