Jimmy Wiz Takes Things Up A Notch With New Visuals Of ‘Fat Boy Chronicles’

Jimmy Wiz Takes Things Up A Notch With New Visuals Of ‘Fat Boy Chronicles’. What could be better than getting into a new year with visuals of some of the greatest songs to drop in the previous year.

Jimmy Wiz is one of a few rappers who got into the year with a bang of new material. The music video he dropped is of his single Fat Boy Chronicles which officially dropped mid last year. If you loved the flow, beat and lyrical delivery then you will most likely love the clean graphics the video offers.

Jimmy has been dubbed as one of the best lyricists in the country, not only has he proven to fit the title he also keeps on pushing to secure a well dervesed position in SA Hip Hop. Fat Boy Chronicles hits so perfectly it leaves no wonder of why he is widely admired.

“When I put #ATJ together, it was to honestly fill the void for Quality, because the game was more about quantity. I put my life in audio format for those who needed a reminder that life may be hard, but there is also beauty that come from every situation,” he wrote.


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