okMalumkoolkat Talks About His Lucrative Investments And Changes He Had To Make

OkMalumkoolkat is one of the most forward thinking artists musically and creatively. The rapper who is know as a fashion and music pioneer has had a fruitful career that dabbed from music, fashion to film. 

The rapper who is making waves with his Spova brand which has been well received by fans shared that he has his eyes on more lucrative investments and collecting and chasing the latest sneakers is no longer his thing and he is clearly very happy not being in that space anymore. 

Malume shared that he has now officially puts his sneaker head life behind him in exchange for more lucrative investments.

The rapper was responding to a fan who commented on his shoes by saying “Malume what happened to your kick game, you never wore corny stuff” to which okMalumkoolkat responded “I quit being a shoe dog my life is amazing. I have several investments.”

okMalumkoolkat has invested lately in Spova Clothing brand and Sjambok Studios, a design and entertainment studio. 

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