Cassper Flexes His Wealth On One Of His Biggest Twitter Critics!

Cassper Flexes His Wealth On One Of His Biggest Twitter Critics! Cassper Nyovest’s talent as a rapper has always been questioned by critics but no one can deny that he has made hit songs, made history in SA music over the years and that he’s a great businessman.

One of Cassper‘s biggest critics is a twitter celeb known as Daniel Marven came for the Good For That rapper on Wednesday saying he’s been consistent in making wack music. “Cassper Nyovest does not get enough credit for his consistency. He came into the game in 2013 and 7 Years later, The man is still dropping Wack music. Since day One. WOW,” Daniel tweeted unprovoked.

Cassper responded with a flex that left black twitter stunned. The rapper clapped back listing some of his most valued assets and luxury belongings crediting his haters for motivation.

“You don’t get enough credit for your consistency too big boy. You been stealing tweets & dissing me since 2013. You just don’t quit & i admire that. You’ve insired me to buy 4 Bentleys, 2 mansions, 2 APs, 4 Rolexes & land in that period. Thank you. You did that!! You #GoodForThat,” Cassper responded.

Now that’s how you shut down a hater!

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