Flame Responds To Claims That He Thinks He Is Better Than All SA Rappers !

Flame Responds To Claim That He Thinks He Is Better Than All SA Rappers ! Feelings hitmaker Flame doesn’t give twitter trolls a free pass. Clapping back to twitter critics is Flame’s favorite things to do and this time it’s not different.

Flame found himself defending his music after a critic told him that even after the release of the Candyman album, he was never going to make any music better than rapper Emtee and that Flame was never going to be the greatest of all time Mzansi rapper.

In response, Flame told the troll that he was making an impact in the music industry that is the reason why people where always on his case.

Flame responded to another critic with a lesson in Hip Hop saying everyone in the game was gunning for the top spot. number one.

“Well that’s Hip Hop. It’s my career vs everyone’s. Everyone that’s in here is in it to be number one. you’re stupid if you think i’m down to settle for number 2. That’s exactly how it’s been and always will be”, responded Flame.

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