JR Vents On How “Incompetent” Blacks Can Be When It Comes To Business

JR Vents On How “Incompetent” Blacks Can Be When It Comes To Business. For someone who has been in the industry and pushing different kinds of businesses rapper and producer JR expressed his latest disappointment.

Our Heritage rapper shared a story of how he engaged with someone who suggested a business deal which he agreed to. He complained of the incompetence when the same person who needed help didn’t pitch in with the quote of service he requested for.

He ended off his statement with “mxm” which indicates anger and annoyance.

“Someone asked me to give their business work… I said “no problem” then IMMEDIATELY requested a quote for services. They didn’t respond, this was 4 days AGO! Blacks can disappoint you sometimes. Mxm” he wrote.

JR has worked with national and international artists in the music industry, he invented Feel Good Session which took him all the way to London. He has made it clear how seriously he values his work ethic.

“We’ve had almost every big name in SA music on the show and had an incredible online reach but we needed to expand it. We’ve also partnered with Martell Cognac and want to expand our footprint to other parts of the African continent and include other African artists in time. We shared the same vision for music and so it was a natural partnership,” he said speaking of his business venture of Feel Good Sessions in 2018. Proving how seriously committed he gets when he makes business.

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