Shane Eagle Announces Departure From His Management At Eagle Entertainment

Shane Eagle Announces Departure From His Management At Eagle Entertainment. After years of serving as an independent artist who has been winning all round Shane Eagle announces that he is no longer managed by Eagle Entertainment.

The Platinum selling rapper shared a statement online drafted by the team which has been managing his career thus far. In as much as he is the owner of the company, he departed in what they expressed under friendly terms. The reason behind this mutual decision was not specified.

Shane has been doing more and bigger things overseas, London and America mostly. After dropping Dark Moon Flower a number of opportunities rose. He made a hint that he will be collaborating with J.Cole on his upcoming album The Fall.

Departing from the company doesn’t mean he will no longer uphold the aim he started it for. The statement detailed that “We hear at Eagle Entertainment care about the innovation of our artist and CEO Shane Eagle, an would like to make it public that he is no longer under the same management here onwards.”

There is no telling yet which management Shane has ventured with.

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