Tweezy Mentions Hip Hop Producers He Regards As The Greatest Of All Time

Tweezy Mentions Hip Hop Producers He Regards As The Greatest Of All Time. Each person has a list of people they feel are way better in what they do either compared or not, Tweezy has his as well and has shared it.

Tweezy is a producer who has been the brains behind many SA Hip hop hit singles including Ambution, God’s Level, Dope, Ayeye and the 7x Platinum selling Levels album by AKA at least. His skills are always leaving people in awe, wondering how could he be so great at what he does.

As a producer who possibly grew up looking up to others and wanting to work to reach their level, he mentioned his icon producers. Basically he laid out three Producers he feels no one in Hip hop could ever surpass with the skills they have. He counted Dr Dre, Timberland and Kanye West.

“Hahaha him and Dre actually sit on the throne with Kanye for me. Can’t ever choose one between the 3 of them…so the best Hip Hop Producer of all time is made up of 3 individuals,” he wrote replying to a tweep and ending it off with a laughing emoji.

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