Cassper Reacts To The Backlash People From Tembisa Have Been Receiving For Disobeying The ‘Lockdown’

The lockdown isn't going how most anticipated it would

Cassper Reacts To The Backlash People From Tembisa Have Been Receiving For Disobeying The ‘Lockdown’. Today is the first day of the lockdown which the President Cyril Ramaphosa enforced so people can prevent themselves from contracting Corona Virus.

To ensure that the lockdown was strictly tended to the President released soldiers from SANDF (South African National Defense Force). They were meant to begin wiping the streets clean of humans last night, but a number of places mostly from Tembisa are still out continuing business as usual.

Most people on social media are bashing on those who are disobeying the strict rules of the Quarantine. Cassper expressed sentiments defending those who are flooding shops today instead of staying home.

“I don’t think it’s by choice. They prob couldn’t buy food yesterday or they didn’t have money 2 buy food. As you can see, they are all lining up to buy food. The other thing is how we get the information to our people in a language they understand. It’ll get better as days go by,” wrote Mufasa.

He went on to state how people must understand that not everyone is as privileged with time and money.

“We have to think about every aspect of this situation. Not everyone is as privileged as the next human. Whether it’s money, time or even reasoning. Our people need compassion. Yall ouchea tweeting away without putting yourself in our people shoes,” he added.

Tsibip went on to express rage over those throwing house parties in the midst of all the chaos of this pandemic.

“As for the broers who are still tryna throw parties and spuzel underground. You’re not fooling anyone but yourselves. Hope you and your family don’t pay the full price for your ignorance and stupidity,” he tweeted.

The recent update on the Corona virus is the death of two infected persons in the Western Cape. The cases has risen to 921 in less than two weeks.

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