“Doc Shebeleza & CaraCara changed SA Hip Hop forever” – YoungstaCPT

“Doc Shebeleza & CaraCara changed SA Hip Hop forever” – YoungstaCPT. In your opinion, what would you regard as the SA hip hop record of the decade?

One interesting aspect of Hip hop are the views each fan and artist has which are mostly likely to contradict. There’s no telling how exactly a person judges what they consider good music, to some it’s the beat, others rhymes and others the flow and vibe. The complex part is to judge a classic, impact is the vital key.

YoungstaCPT is a great success of his own, having dropped an album that has won and may still win him more awards. He is riding a wave that can never be matched. Spending 10 years in the industry has taught the rapper a lot, amongst those lessons is how to judge a good song.

According to the Yaatie hip hop hit maker the two SA hip hop songs that changed the game – is CaraCara by K.O and Dog Shebeleza by Cassper. He stated so boldly that the songs paved the way, of course we didn’t get where we are with SA Hip hop by leaping. It took steps certain artists paved in the best way possible.

Aphelele Peyana

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