How Cassper Reacted To Nadia Nakai Collaborating With Emtee

Cassper and Emtee haven’t had the greatest of relationships over years. They have had multiple back and forth on social media so it was no surprise that Nadia was worried about how Cassper will receive her collaboration with Emtee on 40 Bars considering Emtee’s and Cassper’s highly publicized “beef” .

Speaking on Cassper reaction Nadia said “Emtee and I have worked on many songs that never came out. I worked on this joint and when I sent it to him (Cassper)  I had my reservations and I thought he would say nah not this guy but he said  it’s  freakin nuts.. .. this song is fire .. your voice sounds nuts, his voice sounds nuts… the beat is nuts. I then told him I’m dropping the song next week and he said fine!. “

We are glad that Cassper is not closing his artists from collaborating with people he has issues with. It’s also cool that he took the time to promote Nadia’s single with someone he hasn’t seen eye to eye with for a while. 

Watch the video on Slikour Onlife below 

Image: Instagram

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