Is Nick Cannon Giving Up On His Beef With Eminem And 50 Cent?

Is Nick Cannon Giving Up On His Beef With Eminem And 50 Cent? It is now a third month since Eminem and Nick Cannon were entangled in a beef which weighed more on one side.

Em ignited the beef, Cannon replied with a few songs of disses. In time 50 Cent who is a close friend to Em defended him and threw a few disses and trolling towards The Wild’n’ Out star.

On a recent interview Nick actually spoke positive about the two rappers and told them they are welcomed in his show.

“We keep telling him to pull up,” he said about Slim Shady during an interview at Miami’s 99 Jamz radio, “He’s king of the jokes, king of being petty. He’s perfect for it.”

When it comes to the beef he proclaimed that all he does is match energies and that the beef might have gotten too intense for Fiddy & Slim.

“I’mma match your energy wherever you at,” Cannon said. “I didn’t start it, he came at me. I just swing heavy.”

He agreed nobody expected him to reply to Eminem but insisted he’s not intimidated by either of them.

“That’s the thing,” he added. “Everybody was saying, ‘You better not say nothing,’ and I’m like, ‘Why not, nobody’s scared of him.’Even with 50, ain’t nobody scared of 50 either. I’m like, ‘Let’s go!’ I match energy. It might have gotten a little too intense for them,” he added. “But [Em’s] welcome to come on my show [Wild ‘N Out] whenever he wants to get down.”

He also showed some love to 50 for all of his television success.

“When I see another black man getting like that, we put all the jokes and the Hip Hop stuff aside,” he said. “I salute him 100 percent with that.”

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