Rouge Reacts To A Fan Naming Their New Born Baby After Her

Priceless moment for Rouge.

Rouge Reacts To A Fan Naming Their New Born Baby After Her. After making fans feel special by following them back on social media, Rouge was this time around at the receiving end.

The Bazigally star woke up to finding out that a fan has picked her as an inspiration behind their newly born child. The baby was named Barbara after Rouge’s born name.

“Megacy welcomes a new born member today πŸ˜₯ y’all meet Barbra named after @Rouge_Rapper my best female 😭❀️ ” wrote a fan sharing an image of the child.

The heartwarming tweet had the Popular rapper in shock and overwhelmed with emotion. She simply expressed how honoured she was.

“😳😳😳😳😳😳Wow this is massive. Congratulations love I’m honored. πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’” she reacted.

It’s not everyday such happens hence counting it as a special moment.


In spite of having a little positivity come her way Rouge has been most worried about the negative effects of the lockdown.

‘My heart hurts for the homeless listening to them speak on enca… YOH I gotta think what part I can play from my capacity. Even after this,” she wrote.

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