Sho Madjozi Says #QuarantineOnlineParty Had “Highest Risk Of Spreading coronavirus

Sho Madjozi was not impressed with the #QuarantineOnlineParty which she feels was still a party where social distancing was not really implemented. The #QuarantineOnlineParty is a project commissioned by the ministry of Arts which the minister found so much pride in by writing “Yesterday we had a great time at the #QuarantineOnlineParty. Today we’d like to find out which books you’re reading as we stay at home to curb the spread of the Coronavirus. Please send us a picture of the book you’re currently reading using the hash tag #QuarantineBookClub”

Sho Madjozi on the other hand found the online party concerning by saying “ I was so impressed by the #QuarantineOnlineParty kanti the DJs and their friends were all touching the same equipment and grooving in one house. Like that’s literally still a party… among people who are the highest risk of spreading it. I.e people who’ve been traveling all over the country and world recently.

It’s clear whilst this initiative was a great one the social distancing aspect of it was not well implemented and Sho Madjozi coined it well by saying;

Social distancing means:

  1. Staying 2 meters away from each other where possible.
  2. Not going to restaurants bars and parties.
  3. Not greeting with handshakes, hugs or kisses.

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