Tellaman On How He Came Up With His Vernac Verse On Ami Faku’s Song!

Tellaman On How He Came Up With His Vernac Verse On Ami Faku’s Song! Multi talented rapper and hip hop artist Tellaman has earned his spot in the music industry with the number of hits he has worked on. The songwriter recently took too social media to pride himself to his fans on his good writing game.

Tellaman recently shared a snippet of his verse of Ami Faku’s upcoming song Khanimeni. The Mayo hitmaker detailed how he managed to script a verse to the song without even knowing the title of the song. He highlighted that while one of the producers was working on the song he played around with words until he came up with the verse.

Tellaman also revealed how working with Ami Faku was a great experience. “When @SelectPlayMusic was working on this song by Ami Faku, I messed up around & recorded this verse. I didn’t know the title so I just wrote whatever . @Ami_Fakuis one of the greats,&iAmLastee & I are glad to have worked with her, haven’t done any vernec in a while” Tellaman tweeted.

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