Wichi1080 & Priddy Ugly Deliver A New Track About The ‘Corona Virus’

Wichi1080 & Priddy Ugly Deliver A New Track About The ‘Corona Virus’. Most messages and news about the new pandemic disease Covid-19 are delivered through publications and social media posts.

To stress more the seriousness of the issues and it’s effects, Priddy Ugly and fellow rapper Wichi1080 decided to drop a song.

Titled Quarantine the new track informs, alerts and advises. Produced by Wichi the single offers an old school Nintendo sound to provide a lowkey distinctive tune. It could be for the sake of a trend but most definitely a lot can be grasped from it.

Due to the Corona Virus spreading so easily, the government has advised people to remain in isolation until further notice. While curled in your sofa, it might help giving this new Wichi track a listen.

Stream/Download ‘Quarantine below:

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