5 Times Emtee Expressed Resentment And Disses Towards Former Label Ambitiouz Entertainment

Emtee never cease to showcase regret for joining AE

5 Times Emtee Expressed Resentment And Disses Towards Former Label Ambitiouz Entertainment. For years now we have been witnessing artists who were never happy with their record labels. The experience led to the norm of artists opting to be independent.

Emtee is one one of the rappers who had unpleasant experiences with a record label.When he finally gathered enough strength to depart despite the history he made which involved over 5 awards, he burp all the opinions he had of them.

The separation wasn’t as smooth. There were allegations that after Em expressed unhappiness with the stable they took his cars and house. The Citizen publication even reported that the Manando rapper claimed he was ordered to pay R700 000. He also stated how the label boss was refusing to give back him his awards trophies back.

All that he went through seemingly planted hate because he has shown it to twitter how displeased he is with them.


Below are 5 times Emtee dissed and expressed resentment towards the record label:

“I reached the point where it couldn’t go on any further. I have two kids and I can’t allow people who don’t even know me to dictate my life. My kids are going to look at me one day and ask why I didn’t stand up for myself.” – Behind The Label.

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