50 Cents Comments On The Astonishing Looks Of Drake’s Son

Ever since Drake introduced his child, the way he looks has been the main topic

50 Cents Comments On The Astonishing Looks Of Drake’s Son. For the first time since people heard Drake had a son they wanted to see what he looks like.

The rapper spent a whole of 2 years keeping his son away from the world. But he finally cracked and showed him off along with baby momma ex retired porn star Sophie Brussaux.

The shock when the Hotline Bling star posyed the images on instagram wasn’t so much at the fact he showed off his child. People were astonished by the looks of Adonis (Drake’s Son). Drake is mixed race, his child is plain white – he too admitted that he had two DNA tests done to confirm that Adonis was his son.

The resemblance that can never be denied is the one between Drake’s mom and Adonis. 50 cents commented and shared images of the two.

Drake’s mother, Sandi Graham, has the same blonde hair as Adonis does, which draws a direct line from grandmother to grandson.

“Drake had his mom a grand baby for real, her genes are strong,” wrote the rapper. “I bet she is so happy he looks like her.”

See a pic Fiddy shared;


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