Blaklez Calls On Aspiring Artists Who Want Him To Feature On Their Projects

Join Blaklez live tonight!

Blaklez Calls On Aspiring Artists Who Want Him To Feature On Their Projects. If you a musician who would love to have Blaklez as part of your project then you in luck because an opportunity has arised.

The Lepara rapper shared the best news for upcoming artists who are looking for a breakthrough. As a rapper who has already broken through many barriers in the industry, he felt the need to open up space. Being on lockdown has compelled artists to get creative in attempts of keeping fans entertained and to pretty much be on a money move since gigs are postponed.

Blaklez states that’s he is willing to jump on any song he finds best from any aspiring artist looking for a breakthrough via featuring big artists. He is summoning talented members from any genre.

“Go live with me on Instagram at 8pm. Let me hear your songs. I might jump on one or two if the quality is top drawer. ANY GENRE. Handle is Showtime_Blaklez #BlakQuarantineSession,” he wrote.

Blaklez joins the likes of Tweezy, Stogie T, Rouge, Cassper and Nasty C to say the least who have getting creative online to feed fans more entertainment.

Blaklez will debut his IG show at 8PM tonight.

Aphelele Peyana

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