Kwesta On How He Plans To Drop Two Sets Of Albums This Year

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Kwesta On How He Plans To Drop Two Sets Of Albums This Year. Earlier on we reported on Kwesta releasing snippets for his for his upcoming music. What He didn’t tell fans at the time is how he was going to dish out his music.

The Vur Vai rapper hasn’t dropped new music in a while, he can through with a Rich Quan and Rick Ross featured singles. These releases and the fact that he hasn’t dropped in a while built and utmost curiosity on what he has in store. Although the snippets don’t showcase much but they give hope.

The songs he has in store are 37, the album promised to drop next is DaKAR III. He clarified he won’t be dropping all songs at once but will separate them into two sections. “Separate drops of Side A and Side B ke yabo? Both this year,” he wrote.


Aphelele Peyana

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