Maraza On Stogie T Overlooking Him As A Potential Participant For Friday Freestyles!

Friday Freestyles might not be exciting for everyone.

Maraza On Stogie T Overlooking Him As A Potential Participant For Friday Freestyles. Expressing views concerning just about any topic may be what Maraza have been doing a lot lately, but he still regards himself an MC.

The mere fact of being overlooked as an MC who once proclaimed being underrated had him feeling some type of way.

Stogie T has pretty much pulled in the best rappers to showcase their abilities on what he calls Freestyle Fridays. When Maraza didn’t get selected he said he wasn’t going to let people choose him if they don’t feel like it.

“I heard someone has to nominate you for that #FreestyleFridays, right? 🤔. Ain’t been nominated yet. Don’t wanna force myself into people’s initiatives 😔” he wrote.

He added on to explain why he is easy to forget as a rapper.

“It’s also important to remember that I am honestly not that active or visible. I’m a very easy guy to forget or overlook, and I prefer to not put that on anyone but me.
@M2KaN3 has the best #FreestyleFriday I’ve seen though.”

The last person to pose complaint on such is The Big Hash who expressed how his skills as a rapper are being undermined.

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