Stogie T On Who He Thinks Is A Better Rapper Between A-Reece x Kid Tini And Why

Stogie T On Who He Thinks Is A Better Rapper Between A-Reece x Kid Tini And Why? On a recent interview with Castle Lite Unlocks Stogie T was put on a spotlight where he had to compare big time rappers.

While some may find offence in it, Stog made clear his reasons on those he deemed better than others.

Being put on a hot seat like the one Stogie T was in would have led to some people failing to maintain themselves. In Hip hop people are always on the lookout for beefs, when a rapper dares mention a view against the other it’s suddenly a beef alert. The maturity and coolness of the Roots didn’t prove anything just his views based on solely rap.

When asked who he thinks is a better rapper between Areece and Kid Tini, he had a hard time answering but eventually said it’s Reece. He paid compliment to both stars but stated that Kid Tini hasn’t yet reached a certain kind of level.

“I love A-Reece I think he is such a talent, his immense and powerful. He has a such a sope voice as well as a young South African MC. I think Kid Tini is the same, he is incredibly dope and fire. I did a song with him and Styles P, I’ve grown to respect him a lot.

“But I would say Areece just because of what Areece means to the game. Reece has a rich legacy, people would look back and say this kid is dope,” said Stogie.


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