The Big Hash Challenges J Molley To A Rap Battle After An Intense Fire Of Shots

Another beef for SA Hip Hop!

The Big Hash Challenges J Molley To A Rap Battle After An Intense Fire Of Shots. Just when we thought we’d be out of beef for the season – Hash comes guns blazing firing bombs at J Molley who reiterated with his share of bombs.

Ever since Hash got back to using his Twitter account he has been thriving to claim dominance. The 20 year-old decided to revive his beef with J Molley which a lot people didn’t know existed. He first fired shots on one of his newly released songs I’m Sorry.

On the song produced by 808x Hash stated that “Carried a coffin big enough to carry Mooz’ and Molley.” In addition to the diss he challenged J to a battle that doesn’t involve a catalogue instead bars.

Since Gemini and Tweezy initiatated the battling amongst rappers Hash called him up for a chance to participate.

“Gem, you worded that wrong. This was last week. And YOU called ME. I ain’t about to do that shit anymore man. All bets off. We going bar for bar now. Fuck all that catalogue shit. 😬” – The Big Hash to Gemini Major.

In response to the disses and a challenge, here what J Molley said:

“Ironic how these young boys wanna call my name out for clout
Meanwhile be on the phone calling me tryna hash this shit out
Guess these the Life and Times we’re living in
Typical cycle of the internet
Cause in person they always back peddling” – J Molley.

It hasn’t been confirmed yet if the artists will go against each other or not.



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