‘A Lot Of Them Are Lukewarm,’ Speedsta On Rappers Dropping Music During Lockdown

‘A Lot Of Them Are Lukewarm,’ Speedsta On Rappers Dropping Music During Lockdown! In the past week alone, we’ve seen SA rappers drop new music like never before but are they keeping the standard?

According to DJ Speedstar, most of the new SA Hip Hop music that recently dropped is lukewarm. Speedsta feels rappers are rushing to drop music using the lockdown as an excuse.

“Guys, just because we’re in lockdown doesn’t mean if you’re a person that makes music you have to drop…that’s all I’m going to say. A lot of the drops (SA Hip Hop) are very, very lukewarm,” Speedsta said to his co-hosts on the POPcast.

Speedsta shied away from naming who he was referring to. Asked if he was trying to avoid another conflict, Speedsta nodded agreeing with Scoop. He did however reveal that he advised Les not to drop his project right now.

“I was telling him (Les), cause he wanted to also drop… he has a fire album that’s ready. I was telling him ‘don’t rush to drop it, you’ve worked so long don’t rush just because you feel like it has to come out. Rather hold it. He’s got a fire album I’m not gonna lie,” Speedsta said.

Some of the rappers who recently dropped new music include Emtee, who dropped Johustleburg, Maraza dropped his Lost & Found EP, Kwesta dropped two singles, Njandini and 2skeif….just to name a few. You can make your own conclusions on who Speedsta might have been talking about.

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