AKA Apologizes To Sizwe Dhlomo Says His Comments Were Reckless And Stupid

AKA Apologizes To Sizwe Dhlomo Says His Comments Were Reckless And Stupid! When they say never insert yourself in the business of two people they were referring to incidents like this. Black twitter was left with egg on the face after AKA confirmed that he and Sizwe have grilled their beef and eaten it.

After the public back and forth banter where grandfathers, bootlegs and apartheid spies were dragged in to the twar, it seems like AKA has raised his white flag to surrender.

Whilst fans were expecting to see AKA and Sizwe throwing hands, Sizwe went quiet for a few days after promising to end the twar he started. Next thing that happened was AKA apologizing to Sizwe and his entire family for the accusations he made.

I would like to apologize not to just the entire Dhlomo family but also the friends and comrades offended by my tweets last week. After educating myself properly about the sacrifices made by Sizwe’s grandfather and others close to him, I realize how reckless and stupid that was,” AKA tweeted on Saturday.

AKA said he can’t promise that they will never disagree in the future but they are cool now and their history is more important.

“Myself & @SizweDhlomo have ironed out all our issues and from here on out … we straight. We realized we go too far back for things to be this way. Doesn’t mean we won’t disagree from time to time but that’s how it’s gonna be,” the Cross My Heart rapper added.

Since the rapper made the news of their reconciliation public, tweeps have unfortunately labeled Sizwe as the bad guy saying that he is a bully.

By Sinakho Mandla

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