AKA On The Real Reason He Cussed Out Cassper’s Parents

AKA On The Real Reason He Cussed Out Cassper’s Parents. It may have been months since AKA went ballistic on twitter and cussed out Cassper’s parents but the wound remains fresh to many people more especially Mufasa.

The beef between the two have escalated to lengths that have led to them reaching a mutual decision to fight it out in the ring. While challenging Cassper to a fight on twitter AKA cussed him out and called him a ‘moffie’ then went on to cuss out his parents. He called Cass’s dad deadbeat for letting him quit school, and called his mother a ‘poes’.

Months later Bhova expresses great regret for cussing the parents and explains that he was ‘aggravated’ at the time.

Cassper replied to the disses by highlighting how his rival involving his parents in their beef was overstepping a line.

“Someone swears at my Parents and it’s “Aka and Cassper are boring”. I’m not innocent at all in this thing but I have never disrespected anybody parents or family so miss me with that cause I just wasn’t raised like that. There’s a line that you don’t cross!! Even with enemies!!”

AKA apologized only for calling him a moffie at first when he was getting severely attacked for it. For that particular rant a number of celebrities shifted to the Cassper’s side who kept quiet when he was dragged.

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