Ambitiouz Entertainment Disses L-Tido’s Career

Ambitiouz Entertainment is out for blood and is calling out all those who are not showing support to their artists. Things got rather personal when shots were fired by the recording label about L-Tido’s career.

L-Tido showed love on twitter to all the artists that were releasing new music on Friday and the rapper failed to mention ‘Price 2 Pay’, which is Miss Pru’s new single featuring Blaq Diamond and Malome Vector.

The label is currently throwing hectic shade to one of their former artists turned arch enemy Emtee, who also released his hit single Johustleburg which has had black twitter excited for the rappers much anticipated return.

L-Tido mentioned Emtee as one of the projects he is rooting for which clearly had Ambitiouz in their feelz. This spiraled in to a pety party which had tweeps shook, asking what was the reason?

The record label threw a Jab that ultimately knocked out the Dlala Ka Yona rapper about his career being lifeless. According to the label , South Africans have split on L-Tido’s rap career the same way he has done to Miss Pru’s new release.

“The same way you ghosting #Price2Pay is the same way South Africans are ghosting your career.” wrote the label.


Like the rest of us, L-Tido was taken by surprise by the label beefing with him, mentioning how ridiculous the whole stunt is.

L-Tido responded saying “So ambitiouz Ent is beefing with me now , all because I tweeted Emtee new single #Johustleburg how ridiculous is this ???”

Emtee has been at the top of the twitter trends with his come back single Johustleburg which has received the nod of approval by his fans and they hope this is the beginning of the rappers long-standing career.

Knowing the history between the Roll Up hit maker and his former label, things ended on a very sour note se we guess anyone who is showing the rapper some love is classified as an enemy .

By Sinakho Mandla

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