Blaklez And Nadia Nakai’s Hilarious Conversation About Girls With Big Foreheads

Blaklez And Nadia Nakai’s Hilarious Conversation About Girls With Big Foreheads. Girls have many insecurities about their features but Rapper Blaklez is showing love to them in a candid conversation with Nadia Nakai about girls with big foreheads, claiming that that they are the prettiest.

In a conversation that had twitter in stitches, Brother Bear and Bragga had a candid chat about girls who have big foreheads. Lez claims that girls with big foreheads are the prettiest but Nadia seems to think that people just say that to make her feel better..

This conversation stared after Nadia mentioned that her forehead is very visible in the video compared to other days where she doesn’t focus on it.

“Really, cause i’m showing a lot of my forehead on normal days i hide my forehead.” She said..

Nakai claims to be self-conscious about her alleged facial flaw but Lez seems to think she should show it more because it’s one of her most valuable assets.

The rapper said”Don’t be, I think you should show it all the time, it’s the money factor.”

The rapper tweeted the video with a caption about the long conversation they had but evidently this is the only part of that chat that people will ever find out and we wonder why?

He Wrote “Shout out Bragga. This is the only convo I can post”

In the video, Lez laughed saying “It is a big forehead Though…It’s dope” and we think it’s one of many factors that make her the flame that she is.

Shout out to the #GirlsWIthBigForeheads gang

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