Blaklez Gives JayHood The Nod On Understanding Music

Blaklez Gives JayHood The Nod On Understanding Music. We admire moments where rappers show each other love on social media rather than the usual trash talking.

Blaklez has already sung praises for rapper JayHood. about the direction he chose to take his music in, and now the two are collaborating on a new project.

The Guluva rapper complimented Jay’s high standard of music production , comparing the beats that he selected for their project to that of royalty.

JAYHood’s understanding of music is elite. The beats he’s been picking for our project are majestic” He said.

Blaklez mentioned that he and JayHood are working on an EP together after a tweep suggested they should jump on more tracks together.

By Sinakho Mandla

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