Cassper Admits He Was An AKA Fan In 2012

Cassper Admits He Was An AKA Fan In 2012. It’s hard to imagine because of all the drama dating back to since the beginning of time, but Cassper has admitted to being an AKA fan once upon a time in his life.

The rapper took to twitter to reveal that he looked up to AKA as an inspiration in the hip hop industry. When Nyovest was still o the come up, he looked up to many other hip hop artists such as the late ProKid, HHP and many more.

A tweep shared an old tweet by the rapper reminding him that he himself credited AKA is his favorite rapper.

But he’s your favorite too” the tweep wrote

In the tweet, Cassper applauded his now arch enemy for his sole of rapping and imagination saying that not many artists posses such qualities.

Hahaha.. Aka’s imagination is wild!! Not too many artists with such a gift.. That’s why i’m such a fan” he wrote

Clearly through time, countless social media banters and ample wins in his career, he obviously thinks very differently of AKA. Cassper replied to the tweet agreeing that AKA was already killing it on the scene while he was still on his grind.

Now it’s a totally different story as he went from zero to a hundred in the game, now referring to himself as the BIGGEST BOSS.

Aka was killing it in 2012 and i was just an upcoming rapper who was a fan of everything that was SA HipHop. Notice how I had Prokid on my profile picture too. Instead of hating on the big guns, I was inspired by them. I went from being the biggest fan to being the BIGGEST BOSS” Cassper said.

By Sinakho Mandla

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