Da Les Predicts Who Will Be Taking The #FreestyleFriday Title This Week

Da Les Predicts Who Will Be Taking The #FreestyleFriday Title This Week! Thank god it’s Friday because we are about to witness pure uncut hip hop entertainment brought to you by one of Mzansi’s favorite rapper.

Stogie T’s #FreestyleFriday is fast becoming part of South African rap culture, where hip hop artists go head to head with their original lit freestyles to see who takes the title of the best freestyle.

Da Les who has been out of the came for a while, having not released his fresh to death record in a while but his still the G.O.A.T and his opinion will always matter

Since the Lockdown began Stogie came up with an original online segment where he and other fellow industry rappers deliver freestyle rap content.

Stogie posted a poster to hype up who will be on the show the week and by the looks of the lengthy list, it’s going to be a tough one as the likes of Riky Rick. L-Tido, Stogie T and many more will be battling it out.

Les responded to the tweet, predicting who would be the champion of todays freestyle challenge confidently placing his bet that either Makhado or L-Tido will be the crowned champion.

My money on Rik & Tido” he wrote

Who do you stan will have the freshest freestyle to date?

By Sinakho Mandla

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