Doja Cat Gets Cancelled For Being A Racist

Doja Cat Gets Cancelled For Being A Racist! Since the lockdown began, people have been killing time by digging up celebrity dirt and let’s just say Doja Cat has to now account for the dirt that has been uncovered by what use to be her fans.

The twitterverse has been up since trying to explain how someone who is black can hate their own kind. That is just one of the many things that have been exposed by a twitter fan account.

Doja Cat is trending on Twitter after fans started calling the singer/rapper out for allegedly participating in racist chatrooms and her fans are now calling for the star to be cancelled for her racist history.

This quickly became a trending topic on twitter birthing the #DojaCatPartyIsOver that has been making the rounds ever since.

This all began when a tweep uploaded a video, which allegedly shows the “Say So” singer socializing in the Tinyweb Chatroom with people known to make racist comments.

Apparently Doja would stay in the chatroom for hours on end and entertain the racist jokes being made on the platform. This then led to trolls exposing Doja for her other discretions such as Song theft and other gasp worthy things.

We Are Hurt By This!!

By Sinakho Mandla

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