Here’s How Much Supa Mega Used To Create #AKATV & Why

Here’s How Much Supa Mega Used To Create #AKATV & Why. A few days ago certain people claimed that AKA was broke, he even admitted to it which confused people a bit.

The confusion was because of how sarcastic he can be at times, also on the rumours that he portrays the wealth he doesn’t own. After the exposure of rands used to establish AKATV, it’s safe to say he wasn’t broke even if he is now. The app cost Mega R5 Million.

“AKA TV was put together without the thought of quarantine or this whole thing happening. It just so happens that you’ve got to stay prepared and stay ahead of the curve.

“It was something that I’ve always wanted to do… it just so happened that the whole thing came, and now it looks like I planned this whole thing which I did but I did not plan for it to work out like this.”

“We’ve got another show that we’re launching, I can’t give you the name of the show right… we’ve spent about R5m on this show,” revealed Mega.

He also highlighted how the app is an actual TV channel comparing it to the likes of Channel O and MTV Base.

“So, it’s actual TV production just like a Channel O and MTV Base would do but this time it’s on an AKA platform. For me to keep people interested, a TV level quality show is going to be the only way we keep people coming back for more,” added Mega.

AKATV can be downloaded on Play Store and costs just R49 monthly. The content is always fresh.

Aphelele Peyana

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