How Saudi Defended Ambitiouz Entertainment Against Public Backlash

How Saudi Defended Ambitiouz Entertainment Against Public Backlash. If there is one record label that keeps making headlines for drama its Ambitiouz Entertainment. The label was home to many successful names including Gigi Laymayne, Priddy Ugly, Emtee & Saudi to mention a few.

Each artist has a story of how AE mistreated them, the latest one to pose complaints is Emtee. The more Emtee and the label threw shots at each other – the public intervened. A number of people dragged the label the worst way, it didn’t land very well on Saudi. The Drips Leak star stated that he has nothing against the label even though he departed on distasteful terms with them.

A fan asked him if he is bothered by the company having his name on their Twitter page even after separation. Answering the question he included how unfair people were for dragging the label including Emtee.

“IDK why? Me n Kgosi cool as hell but i guess ifs for they PR, good PR all yall shittin on em heavy rn.. i dont hate them or Kgosi but they at my patna neck injure 1 injure all my bible so I hate that and the fact that JayBoo still with them validates them claiming me.. but watevz,” he wrote.

Earlier on this year he spoke of how he was proud of Emtee for leaving the stable.

“He was not appreciated enough for what he did for the company and that is a fact. I think it was a learning curve for the whole company and if they do not pay attention to it they will make the same mistake again,” Saudi said.

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