The Biggest SA Hip Hop Beefs We’ve Had In 2020 So Far

The Biggest SA Hip Hop Beefs We’ve Had In 2020 So Far. Even though the year began with countless crises, the beefs in Hip hop didn’t take a break at all.

Hip hop is known as the place with many feuds, disagreements and enmity, but it’s not like there’s no bromance. This year alone we witnessed rappers going off at each other on social media, the beefs caused by a variety of things.

Below are the 6 beefs we’ve had in 2020 so far:

Cassper + AKA

The two have the longest running beef in the SA hip hop scene. Having started as friends when they first made had their big break, the competition between grew tighter. As years went on the two kept on reminding people through diss tracks, shades and tweets that they don’t like each other.

Like any other year, they exchanged words on social media. AKA dissed Cassper’s parents, calling them failures and “poes”. Cass didn’t tweet back instead accepted a challenge to beat each other down on a box match they putting together.

Nasty C + Speedsta

It all started with the single Bamm Bamm and it escalated to what led to a conclusion that they can never be friends.

DJ Speedsta said that he was behind the creation of the single Bamm Bamm, that’s when Nasty dragged him and highlighted he was jealous of his success.

Speedsta : “I’m not gonna do this with you. Read your last tweet. If only I had my old Twitter cuz that’s where you & I did most of communication via DM. Fact of the matter, you gave me the song & asked for it back months later. Why would you ask for it back if you didn’t give it to me?” Questioned the Presenter.

Cassper + Ruff

The two got into it when Cass proposed a collaboration with Emtee. Unfortunately Em’s producer shut it down and called him an opportunist for wanting to work with Emtee while he was back in his primes.

Cass : “Just so you know, Emtee and I spoke on the phone last week already before I tweeted about us doing a song. I personally booked Emtee for #FillUpRoyalBafokeng last year before the Wavesong. Man, you Hip hop niggas are weirdos. Wtf is wrong with two black boys coming together? Tf bro?”

Emtee + Ambitiouz Entertainment

For a while Emtee has been exposing his former label AE for the way they treated him during and after his association with them.

The label allegedly took down Avery album and never paid him for its royalties, also not returning his award trophies. Emtee has said a number of things proving his dislike for the exploitation he allegedly went through. Ambitiouz Entertainment also hit back at Em and has been mentioning him since through trolling.

AKA + Sizwe Dhlomo

Although they ironed things out AKA and Sizwe got into it. Sizwe also offered to give Mega a beating for the way he behaves. He even revealed he got him a Sway interview. AKA went on to call his grandmother an ANC spy in the apartheid times. After that there were tweets of apologies.

The Big Hash + J Molley

The two released diss tracks exposing each other because of a disagreement they had earlier on.

Hash ended off by saying : “Yo, I’m done with this beef. Niggas taking shit too personal. They dropped a diss track, I never said anything coz I knew what it was: Hip-Hop. Now when I respond, niggas wanna whine about old business & get touchy. I respect J for barring up, but his team gotta chill, I’m out.”

Aphelele Peyana

Aphelele Peyana is a seasoned journalist at SA Hip Hop Mag. You can contact her on sahiphopmag@nine80.com

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