5 Major Artists Signed On The Same Epic Records Label As Sho Madjozi

5 Major Artists Signed On The Same Epic Records Label As Sho Madjozi. In all the years we have been reminded every waking moment just how much America is the home of major entertainment.

Having the dominance in the world of inhabiting the best kind of talent has led to many wishing to make it there.

Multi talented artist Sho Madjozi has become one of a really few South African stars to break into the American space of entertainment. After dropping the John Cena track she accumulated a large number of worldwide admiration. All her work combined landed her an opportunity to work on international label Epic Records.

The reason why it is such a huge milestone for Madjozi to be part of the Epic Records label – is because every artist they groomed turned out far too great. This means that we can only expect her to flourish even more.

The label has homed so many artists who won awards and sold diamond status. Seeing how succeeding has been so easy with the stable one can only be optimistic about the Huku rapper’s future.

Below are the artists Sho is joining in the Epic Records Label, the biggest to ever so it.

Michael Jackson


Celine Dion

Travis Scott

Mariah Carey

Aphelele Peyana

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