AKA Addresses Fans Who Get Excited When Celebrities Beef

AKA Addresses Fans Who Get Excited When Celebrities Beef. If it wasn’t for social media we wouldn’t be able to see just the number of times celebrities actually beef. What can’t be faked is the excitement that develops when fans see the word beef in between prominent stars.

AKA has always been one of a few celebrities to go vent on twitter his honest thoughts and feelings about things. These expressions from Mega have led to him entangling himself to beefs with the likes of Tweezy, Ifani, Cassper and Sizwe Dhlomo. at least.

The timeline to his beefs seems endless because he is one ma who stands his ground, although he has forgiven some of his beef mates. The biggest is ofcourse the one with Mufasa which led to a proposal of a boxing match.

In the midst of Anga Makhubulo and Prince Kaybee feuding a fan highlighted anticipating Cass and Mega’s fight. His response was unexpected because he simply wrote about the thrills fans have when celebrities beef.

“Look how excited you guys get for this type of stuff. You live for it. You dream about it. You eat it up like Nik Naks.”

AKA challenged Cassper to a fight which was scheduled to take place in September. Unfortunately it had to be cancelled. “Please tag himĀ CassperĀ and tell to shut his mouth and sign the papers instead of dropping hints on Real Goboza.”

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