AKA On How He Can Tell That Not Everyone On His Social Media Accounts Is A Fan

AKA On How He Can Tell That Not Everyone On His Social Media Accounts Is A Fan. Supa Mega has always been clear on how he doesn’t lose his temper on fans instead of the prying public.

Speaking to Sizwe Dhlomo last week on an interview (Kaya FM), Bhova clarified that he places great recognition on fans. Being able to spot the real and fake ones, AKA said how he only drags people who are not fans.

Here’s what people need to understand. The words fan and people – the public are being used interchangeably. Let me break down what a fan is fan is somebody who supports you, someone who streams your music and calls on the radio station and ask them to play your song. Somebody who buys your sneakers/products,” he said.

“Somebody who supports. Someday on Twitter or Instagram talking at you in a certain way. I am never lashing out on a fan in fact it’s the opposite, I’ve been this way for many many years. If it was still detrimental to me why would I he still at the top of the game. How detrimental could it be for me if you look where I am now,” AKA explained.

Recently he emphasized on the statement when a Publication referred to a tweep that went against him on views about ANC’s politics.

“Why are these people always referred to as “fans” … what makes them fans? … “Hey AKA! Why are you swearing at your fans etc” … If everyone on this app was a fan I’d sell 4 million albums on the same day I drop. Cut this shit out.”

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