AKA Responds To An Implication That He Is Not A ‘Humble & Respectful’ Dad For Kairo

AKA Responds To An Implication That He Is Not A ‘Humble & Respectful’ Dad For Kairo. Social media may be just a portrayal of what we want the public to know but at times it leads to assumptions that even in real life we are just that.

AKA is one of the most active celebrities on social media who has been judged for being arrogant, disrespectful and inconsiderate. The judgments were derived from what he tweets, how he responds to other people online and the revelation of his relationship statuses. His online appearance has been recently attached to how he must be as a father.

DStv Kenya shared the news that Kairo the rapper’s 5 year old daughter will be appearing as a host for virtual play date on the premier of Frozen 2.

“Frozen2 is coming up this Sunday on Ch. 102 @ 9 pm… & to celebrate, @MNet & @Disney are inviting you & your kids for a Virtual Play-date hosted by Kairo Forbes on M-Net IG LIVE on 26th July. So grab your hot coco ☕️ ☕️ Join us on from 2pm… you could win a #MNetFrozen2 hamper”

The proud dad proclaimed “Get to the bag, baby.” Commenting on the tweet a follower wrote that “Adorable but a respectful and humble dad would be nice for her.”

In response, Mega questioned the troll on what has their humble and respectful dad done for them. “Show us what YOUR respectful and humble dad has done for you lately.”

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