Cassper Reacts To The Beef Between Prince Kaybee & Anga Makhubalo After Fans Drag Him Into The Mix

Cassper Reacts To The Beef Between Prince Kaybee After Fans Drag Him Into The Mix. What is slowly becoming a norm are celebrities finding comfort tearing each other’s images online. There’s never one way to tell if there will be beef usually it starts out small until it reaches a point of little to no return.

Media personality Anga Makhubalo and DJ Prince Kaybee recently gave fans quite a show on twitter when they dissed each other. The feud began with the flexing of cars, then escalated to toffee and not having awards.

The comments ended up having Cassper as a frequent mention to a point where he reacted. He was often times called out for the similarities he shares with Prince Kaybee.

“Why my name is a part of this whole thing when i have been ignoring all the bullshit is what i dont understand. Haai you can’t win at this app. Masepa fela!!

“Im actaully such a fan of your tweets so this caught me off guard. Oh well, it’s twitter so nobody is safe. Anybody can get dissed & anybody can catch a stray for no reason. Anyway, enjoy your day Mulo, lemme add to the attention you wanted by replying to your tweet myself. Enjoy”

Kaybee made it clear ealier this week that he doesn’t hate Cassper and would love to drive his Bentley. He then emphasized there’s no way he would not oppose views because he likes a person.

“I actually like Cassper, an inspiring Tswana man. I would like to be his friend and DRIVE his Bentley😞.., But I don’t think if I like him I shouldn’t have an opinion. For instance the Nickname I gave him was just me playing around and actually saying what I think,” wrote Banomoya mastermind.

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